Vasilis Wooseas

  • School teacher since 2001.
  • School principle since 2011.
  • MSc in Environmental Management, Polytechnic of Patras, 2013.
  • PhDc in Environmental Education, University of Ioannina.

Vasilis Wooseas is an amateur naturalist, volunteering for the Amvrakikos National Park Management Body and the Greek Ornithological Society; has discovered 3 new for western Greece avian species, 21 new for Amvrakikos species of Lepidoptera and 1 new reptile species. His interests include astrophotography and some of his pictures have been used by NASA’s early Space Weather, the Stanford Solar Center and Columbia University.  Alongside his career in education, he also is an automotive journalist, specialized in Formula 1 racing, writing for major magazines and commentating for the Greek national tv.

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